Tech Tributes…

We at Tiltfactor send out a tribute to Canadian game inventor Chris Haney, one of the designers of Trivial Pursuit.  We’d also like to those who have come before us to enrich our games, especially those at Dartmouth:  Thomas Kurtz and John G. Kemeny, inventors of the BASIC programming language, invented at Dartmouth College in 1964; Richard Tait, Dartmouth Alum and inventor of Cranium; Steve Russell, one of the students behind the game Spacewar! at MIT, finished his undergraduate education at Dartmouth College in 1958; John Donahoe (a really nice guy), with Ebay and Skype; and Ernest Everett Just, a distinguished African American biologist who graduated from Dartmouth in 1907,  Dr. George Stibitz, faculty and inventor of the first digital computer in  1940, and those who, in 1956, created the field of artificial intelligence research at a conference on the campus of Dartmouth College in the summer of 1956. Those who attended would become the leaders of AI research for decades!


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