Really Tiltingly Busy!

First, Play the Layoff Game. “It’s the latest craze sweeping the internet!” according to the press! Some of the press is posted below the link to the game.

Second, lab members Anna Lotko and Mary Flanagan had a wonderful time at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. We interviewed many game designers in our Design for Learning project, currently part of the Games for Learning Institute at NYU. Thanks to all of the designers who offered their time and ideas to the project. We will have information on this project up shortly on the site!

Third, warm thanks to City University of Hong Kong for welcoming Tiltfactor’s Mary Flanagan, who was on an invited mission to assist the School of Creative Media to develop new media and games-related teaching and learning strategies.

Now back in one piece, the new term at Dartmouth begins with a dynamic new Game Design course (FS49). Yes!  And the salon variable_d is back, Tuesdays at 4pm. Upcoming salons: Tues April 14, Free culture movement: the 4 freedoms; Tues April  28, Flashmob; Tues May 5, Social Networks and the Self.