Look what we’ve done to Hanover! 

<the mobile unit PLAYCUBE in action>

The PLAYCUBE, our unique mobile exhibition space, has been home to two events since its arrival on campus last week– and these have been entirely unusual + much fun! We’ve attracted an interesting cross section of students, faculty, staff, and community members; the most compelling aspect of the project thus far for me is the way in which the mobile unit attracts curious passersby to engage with creative ideas– and especially those who might not frequent arts events or a museum.

The unit is equipped for flat panel video display, wireless video display collection, gaming units, sound, and projection. It is meant to travel around Dartmouth/Hanover area for interdisciplinary investigations and events. Anyone can propose a show-event-tinyConcert-performance-game jam-etc. to the curatorial team! Events run several hours to several days. The PLAYCUBE was brainchild of the experimental Tiltfactor Laboratory ( and commissioned by the Neukom Institute and the Leslie Center for the Humanities, Dartmouth College.
A video of the opening event sponsored with Dartmouth’s AREA arts group last week is documented on youtube, in which students showed computer based arts and hosted a band:

The silent disco party is 1st August at BEMA (after dark), complete with live dj from the CUBE playing to wireless headsets in the crowd. Direct questions to playcube at dartmouth edu.