Overindulgence in Games, and wired South Korea

A recent article in the Washington Post discusses South Korea’s world-leading gaming culture. Considered the world’s most technologically integrated country, with high numbers of gamers and internet users, South Korea is the one to watch as far as gaming policies. Appx 95% of households have broadband access, and in July 2010 there were appx 420,00 concurrent users of the popular online game Maple Story — that is about one in every 115 South Koreans playing the same game at the same time. The e-sports movement has gained massive momentum in South Korea as well, with popular Starcraft competitions.

Meanwhile, the government is ineffectively trying to combat ‘internet addiction’ (or what game industry folks there call ‘overindulgence,’ as it is a type of behaviour, not a particular substance) and considering blocking underage gamers from logging in from midnight to 6am.

The gamers argue that there is no proof that internet use or game playing is dangerous.