Flagella Lookin’ Fly & Mary @ Microsoft

A couple of months back, Microsoft and the Games for Learning Institute(G4LI) challenged the public with the educational holy grail:

“Can you make learning fun?”

Tiltfactor, as the team of intrepid explorers that we are, rose to the challenge, and birthed Flagellla. Flagella was Tiltfactor’s response to Microsoft and G4LI’s task: To create games that can be introduced into schools that address certain curriculum points. Flagella is a flash game that not only addresses the concept of estimation but bundles in a mini-lesson on mutation as a bonus. In that sense it reminded me of the EA game Spore that I thoroughly enjoyed a while ago, but that’s a completely different ballgame.

Last week Mary went to Microsoft to speak on Flagella (among other things) and not to brag, but Flagella was looking mighty fine in the eyes of the Microsoft staff and 300+  faculty attending the Microsoft Faculty Summit.

More to come on Flagella as it mutates before coming into the public eye.

~ Sgt. Erika