Feeling PLAYFUL this Spring? Tiltfactor Open House.

Location: 304 North Fairbanks (near Thayer Dining, same white building as Tucker Found but different entrance).
Time: 4-7pm
Date: Tues, May 12th


ENCOUNTER our research with the National Science Foundation, Microsoft, Values at Play, and the Games and Learning Institute!
PLAY our games (such as the casual hit of the spring, LAYOFF, and our new board game, VEXATA)! EXPLORE the games of Dartmouth’s student game designers!
JAM with Rockband — and SING so much, you’ll be a POPSTAR!!

Students, Faculty, Staff and the Community are all welcome!

HOSTS: Tiltfactor lab Director Mary Flanagan, Design Director Zara Downs, and Student Researchers: Nicole Newman (WISP), Michelle Earhart (Microsoft), Chris Takeuchi (Microsoft), Jack Bowman (Microsoft and Tiltfactor), Anna Lotko (Tiltfactor/Neukom/Leslie Center Playcube), Parker Phinney (Open Culture), Scott Henning (WoW Study).

GAMES BY: Tiltfactor and Linden Vonsathorn, Kate Schnippering, Brendan Scully, E McNeil, Max Seidman, Justin Cooperman, Sharang Biswas, Chris Jenny, Nicole Newman, Lucas Sandford-Long, Kobi Tirey, Anna Lotko, and more!!