every day, the same dream (game)

Indie Italian gamemaker Molleindustria’s release Every Day the Same Dream is a simple, elegant, exploration into the banalities of everyday corporate life.


While there are some glaring stereotypes that take away from its freshness and originality (especially in regard to gender; the character’s wife is in the kitchen with a frying pan in the morning and tells the character he is late for work; the office execs are all male, etc.), the game has a nice polish, another interpretation of the plight of the worker-drone already much explored in film (from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, to Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, Mike Judge’s Office Space and Cindy Sherman’s Office Killer.)

Made in about a week on a low budget, it sets a great example for other indie mini-game designers that with a strong design sensibility, good music, and clear choices. Congratulazioni!