Digital Humanities Symposium 14 May 2010

Avatars discovered in the tenure process? Mobile spaces for transmedia exhibitions? Ancient manuscripts in MRI machines? Teaching with databases instead of texts? How are technicians, scientists, artists, designers, and humanists pursuing 21st-century research? How are institutions of higher education affected along with the scholars? As witnessed in scientific fields, new technology radically affects the ways in which scholars pursue their research. Digital technologies foster new questions about materials, practices, archives, and networks, and the digital affects the ways in which resources are archived, queried, searched, created, taught, and studied.

Dartmouth’s Symposium on the Digital Humanities, 14 May 2010, provides a think tank to explore emerging areas in digitally-driven scholarship. The aim of the symposium is to set the stage as to what is state of the art in the digital humanities, and and where it is heading for tomorrow’s teaching and research.

The Digital Humanities Symposium at Dartmouth, 2010
Friday 14 May 2010

The PLAYCUBE will be showing student virtual cinema work outside the ROCKY on Friday in conjunction with the event!