Tiltfactor | a Pox on PAX East!
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a Pox on PAX East!

a Pox on PAX East!

Tiltfactor continues to represent and engage at PAX East this weekend!

First off,  a panel discussion on Friday with lab director Mary Flanagan on Getting the Most Out of Your Game Education.

Pictured here, playtest sessions for our nearly-released game POX: Save the People with folks in the long lines by lab researcher Sukimon. A great way to pass the time, save lives, etc!

  • sookiemonster
    Posted at 21:39h, 12 March

    Good panel discussion, with insightful comments and feedback from the panelists. Thanks to PAX East friends who played POX with me while waiting in line for panel events! PAX folks rock!

  • John Murphy
    Posted at 12:42h, 16 March

    That’s a fantastic idea. I wasn’t able to attend PAX East this year, but last year the lines were so long I’d have loved a diversion like that.

  • mary
    Posted at 17:43h, 16 March

    Hi John, yes! everyone at PAX was great and the play sessions were super helpful in giving us comments for our game.

  • sookiemonster
    Posted at 17:47h, 17 March

    @John – The lines are always long, but at least this year you knew whether you were going to get in from the enforcer + twitter feeds. Thing that sucked was how Boston Police kept having us pack in more, to the point that it was literally standing-only: I understand keeping space, but that’s a recipe for people passing out or triggering a panic attack. Hopefully Boston Po’ won’t be as aggressive next year.

    RE: games in queue lines, I HIGHLY recommend it. I read a bit of your site and I recommend you bring copies of your work to pass to people in line to read too. PAXers are great participants and give valuable feedback overall.