Wanted: Developer / Code Ninja / 10xer for Art Project

UPDATE: Position has been filled. Thanks to all who applied!

Programmer humor -- teh lame is epic. (this program: http://beyondgrep.com/ )

We are looking for a full stack developer to create a small mobile application that can capture, process, and display images. The software is to run in a standalone setting— the main reason for mobile is to use the touchscreen on wall-mounted tablets (likely iPads) and access the camera. Therefore the project could be made in a wrapped browser window inside something like Phonegap — it’s not intended for distribution on the app store.

The focus of the project is to build a reverse correlation software package of the type used in cognitive neuroscience. Images will be captured, saved and processed for future use on a local server, and users will contribute input via tablets. Much prior work exists in Matlab and R, so examples of individual parts of such a system are easy to find. Experience with R a plus, as an existing open source tool is written in R, but expertise is likely not required. The software needs to be built before August 2016.

To read more about reverse correlation and prior software developed, check out Columbia University’s Ron Dotisch’s shared software available at http://ron.dotsch.org/rcicr/.

Send a resume/examples/inquiries to the Tiltfactor laboratory, Dartmouth College (https://tiltfactor.org): developer@tiltfactor.org.

(image: kent williams)