Tiltfactor back to its Tilt Business

We weathered the storm without mishap — and even had some leftovers! Now, the group is gearing up for a fruitful fall production period. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make sure Tilt folks stayed safe. Our hearts go out to those whose homes and businesses have been destroyed by the flooding; the team wants you to know that we care and carry thoughts for you. We find ourselves very grateful that the lab, Dartmouth campus, and nearby surrounds went untouched.

On a future – thinking note, we’d  like to encourage Tilt fans who are researchers to apply for ACLS funding for the Digital Innovations Fellowships  — stipends up to $60K and project costs up to $25K are on offer. The deadline is the 28th Sept, and more info can be found at http://www.acls.org/programs/digital.