The Little People will be presumably thanked.

pb250001-1.jpgHope everyone had a good holiday! Residents of New York have probably seen this ad for the Video Game Awards on Spike TV.  It’s kind of hard to miss– it’s a sort of “station saturation” campaign. Well, maybe not exactly station saturation in all areas, but there’s at least one ad in every station between my apartment and Manhattan.Interesting to note the “Make games, not war” slogan.  It would appear, though, that social gaming is far from the minds of the people at Spike, what with such gems from the site like “Hot Chicks with Cheat Codes: This buxom beauty invites you down under for some sexy tips on Crash of the Titans. G’day Mate!” which features a young woman in coordinating underwear talking suggestively about, well, gameplay.Clearly, it’s a different type of social gaming.  And be sure not to miss the product placement, because the advertisers paid dearly for it. But what do you think?