Summer at the Lab!

Summer is in full swing! Here at Tiltfactor, we’ve finished design for three new games (3!) and kicked off a new healthcare project with the folks at the Center for Health Care Delivery Science and the Rippel Foundation! More on that forthcoming, including our work with Naomi Clark and Jeff Watson!

As you may have heard, ZOMBIEPOX premiered at Indiecade@E3!

We’re accepting pre-orders at a discount! Pre-order here! (Note the characters’ names in the game sound strikingly like the Tiltfactor team members!) Our new games TBA are at the printers and will be released at GenCon 2012 in Indianapolis!

I have been busy, tis true. I presented last week at the Games for Learning half of Games for Change 2012, speaking on “Unlearning Biases and Stereotypes.” We met some great educators at that event. My recent talks have included the Keynote at the Museum of Modern Art’s Critical Play symposium in May the Keynote at the Political Gaming and Simulations conference at the University of Westminster (love the review of this event in Times Higher Ed, titled “Playing at war, pestilence, and death” in June, and the keynote at a Georgia Tech event on Humanist Design in April.

Postdoc Geoff Kaufman’s latest article investigates social action and ‘experience taking’ through reading. Groundbreaking stuff. He spoke a week ago at the NSF Joint Annual Meeting. Sukie Punjasthitkul presented at Boston’s Games for Health on our healthcare research.

This summer: Data analysis and three new projects. Studies include addressing bias and stereotypes through games, analog vs digital games, systems thinking, and more. Look for surprising results from the studies to be published (we hope) soon!!