STRP Festival coming up

STRP Festival

The 2011 STRP Art and Technology Festival in Eindhoven NL will host lab director Mary Flanagan (that would be me) in a keynote talk at the miniconference “Master of Play,” and show four of her new video works. The STRP Festival is one of the largest art & technology festivals in Europe. It should be rad! The eclectic mixture of art, technology, music + e-culture has made it a highly-anticipated annual event. It is designed to appeal to a wide audience, and the multidisciplinary program boldly “combines a full sensory experience and adventure.” Can’t wait!

“At STRP, projects by young game designers are displayed alongside major works from the international art circuit, and entertainment includes everything from experimental live cinema to popular bands, solo artists and DJs. STRP offers interactive art, light art, robotics, concerts, DJs, gaming, theatrical and dance performances, experimental music, interviews, play, discussion, live cinema, films, lectures, video art, animation and workshops.”
I know Aphex Twin will be there!

My talk is Friday Nov 25th, noon -1pm.