RePlay Health at Harvard Medical School

Yesterday team members Geoff, Max, and Joe reunited with Tilt’s former researcher Cote to play RePlay Health at the Center for Primary Care at Harvard Medical School’s 3rd Annual Innovation Conference with a group of community members, undergraduates, medical school students, and health professionals! Attendees took part in perhaps the zaniest workshop at the conference when they played our role-playing sport that models the U.S. health care system. “The Great Grabowski” was the name of the highest scoring group – they scored on average 23 points which is also an all time high score for RePlay Health sessions in general.

The Great Grabowski

┬áThe winning team’s namesake

More important than the groups’ scores, however, were the session’s takeaways! Players had great discussions about the health care system both during play and after the game. They gave our team spot on tips on new language, and other changes that could be made to RePlay Health to make the game stronger – for example, our several participants recommended expanding our representation of the health care providers to include nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants. Finally, the Tilt Team successfully demonstrated the power of games for social change, resulting in at least several participants being inspired to run their own RePlay Health sessions!

The session was a stunning success and we look forward to seeing RePlay Health run in new places! Remember, you can run your own games by visiting the RePlay Health Web Site for more info!