Post Doctoral Position for 2016

UPDATE: Position has been filled. Thanks to all who applied!

Post Doctoral Researcher Position at Dartmouth College for 2016

The award winning  game design and research laboratory at Dartmouth College, Tiltfactor ( has an opening for a full-time postdoctoral research position in social psychology to begin January or August 2016. The Tiltfactor team designs, creates, and studies games for social impact. The postdoctoral researcher will design and conduct formal empirical studies, primarily on games.

The lab’s previous games include board games, card games, sports, and digital games. A suite of games addressed gender bias in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), such as the lab’s party games Awkward Moment, Awkward Moment at Work, and Buffalo The Name Dropping Game. Currently, we are working on a National Science Foundation-funded project that uses “interactive text adventures” to improve the classroom climate for underrepresented students in STEM classrooms.  Other current projects focus on topics ranging from counteracting climate change to modeling effective bystander interventions in cases of potential sexual assault.

The lab is a fun, challenging, dynamic workplace, and the range of activities prepares the postdoc well for both leadership and faculty positions. We involve a significant number of talented and bright undergraduate students and the position should be considered one of mentorship as well.

The researcher’s work will include informal playtests and focus groups with games in development; quick, tactical assessments of a particular game’s efficacy and impact; as well as longitudinal studies testing the long-term effects of a game on players’ attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. In addition, the researcher will participate closely with the exciting work of the design team to ensure the conception and execution of the lab’s game interventions are informed by relevant theory and current research findings from psychology and related fields, and contribute novel research questions about games and their impact.

The postdoc will conduct research on games that address (and change) gender/racial biases and stereotypes, prevent sexual violence, and improve health. This is a unique opportunity for a candidate with a completed PhD whose passions are aligned.

A background in psychology or learning science is essential and the candidate must demonstrate experience with rigorous experimental design and both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Send a CV, letter, research statement, 2 relevant publications, urls, and list of references to contact @tiltfactor (dot) org. Reviews will begin immediately.

Note the recent press attention on our research!