Playtests Galore!

Earlier this month the Tiltfactor team headed down to New York to play new game prototypes and our classic hits with high school students on Staten Island. Professor Flanagan gave students insight into the process of designing games, and then they got a chance to try them out! As you can see below, the testers loved Awkward Moment (as always).


The students also enjoyed Microbes, a fast and furious card game designed to encourage players to wash their hands. They shared their thoughts about the game, which will help our design team improve the game play experience and our researchers make the game as effective as possible!


But we didn’t just bring card games – players also had a chance to check out an upcoming computer game called Flagella! In Flagella, players race to accurately divide adorable micro-organisms into specific-sized parts in order to help the organisms multiply. Armed with in-depth feedback from the players and pages of observation notes, our team is ready to add features to the game in order to bring the user experience from good to GREAT!


Tiltfactor would like to thank Kristana Textor for making this session happen.