oh oh multitasking

oh oh multitasking

Social communications expert Clifford Nass, with researchers Eyal Ophir and Anthony Wagner, Stanford University, just completed a study of multitasking and productivity among college students. The resulting paper, “Cognitive control in media multitaskers,” was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The results of “digital overload” were similar to past research: multitasking does not make one more productive. See the CNN article here. Do you self identify as a ‘chronic media multitasker’?

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  • Sheepy
    Posted at 13:54h, 29 August

    I’m curious about the demographics of the students in the study. Certainly it’s easy to get overwhelmed – but some of us find it impossible to focus when single tasking, and always have. So multitasking in fact gets more done, just by getting -anything- done.

    Single-taskers may be more productive in general, but my suspicion is that the multitasking is symptomatic rather than causal.

    So says one easily-distractable grad student.