Mergers and Acquisitions

Today’s New York Times features an article about the merger of Activision and Vivendi games that was announced Sunday. But the article really seems to be more about the company’s CEO, Robert A. Kotick.

The Times gushes about the man, giving an impression of his nose-to-the-grindstone nature. It says, “Since he was a boy, Mr. Kotick has dreamed of running a big company and has been obsessively training for the job. At Little League games he sold sodas and candy, he said. In high school, he organized parties at discos like Studio 54. He read The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, and idolized the titans of big business.”


So two game companies merged to become one. . . sounds great for business. . . EA Games better watch out. . . but what does this mean for creativity and new ideas in game design and the gaming industry?