This blog post seems to be getting much more attention than we had expected. It was originally concocted to be a quick set of notes for an introductory “what is machinima” presentation conducted by students in our class… But, since there is interest, we’ll add our core screening list here, and add student final proejcts from class — once they are finished!

in FS49: MACHINIMA, we ask

How should we approach the study of machinima?

How do the aesthetics of machinima differ from traditional video or film?

What is the role of the creator in machinima? Whose work is it?

What are challenges unique to machinima production?

and more…
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short, test examples of student experiments and favorite works!
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E McNeill’s work
Check out E’s favorite machinimaDance Voldo Dance

Dylan Leavitt’s experiments include…
Creator 2 (ex. 2)

Alex Duckles’ work
(no title)

Matt Stone, Song of the End of the World,

Max Seidman’s work
Perinthia Rebuilt

Machinima builds, IN PART, on the DemoScene

“Diary of a Camper” by United Ranger Films (1996)
Diary of a Camper was possibly the first demo to contain a narrative and dialogue (text-based) rather than stay as a recording of game play. A simple but impt. work.

“The French Democracy”
“The Dumb Man” by Trace Sanderson (aka Lainy Voom) (2008)
Watch (

“The Zoo Race”
“The Dumb Man” by Trace Sanderson (aka Lainy Voom) (2008)
Watch (YouTube):

“The Dumb Man” by Trace Sanderson (aka Lainy Voom) (2008)
Watch (YouTube):
Watch (vimeo):

“Passage to Zhong Fu”
“The Dumb Man” by Trace Sanderson (aka Lainy Voom) (2008)
Watch (YouTube):

“The Stolen Child” by Trace Sanderson (aka Lainy Voom) (2009)
Watch on Vimeo:

“Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator” By Douglas Gayeton (2008)
(HBO purchased the North American television rights, so it is up on Cinemax)

“Person 2184” by Friedrich Kirschner (2005)
Watch Episode 1 (YouTube):
Watch Episode 2 (YouTube):

“Among Fables and Men” by Tobias Lundmark (2007)
Watch (Machiniplex):

“The Wizard of OS: The Fish Incident” by Tom Jantol (2008)
Watch (vimeo):

“Anymated Scrapbook” by Tom Jantol (2008)

“Folie à Deux” by Tony Bannan (2008)

“Voices” by Kate Fosk (2008)
Note: The film was created with iClone, Moviestorm, and ZenCub3d and is thus an example of “Anymation”. None of these three tools are traditional game engines.
Watch: (look for the icon at the bottom of the page) Website:

Moviestorm Machinima Audition Tape, by Jon Cates

“Love and War” by Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce

(Experimental anymation piece using elements from many different machinima programs, and the art effects filters filters from Newbluefx.)

“Anna” by Katherine Anna Kang (2003)
Watch on YouTube:

“ULduar” and other videos by Sasha “Moo Money” Rudie – Prolific Machinima maker
Available at:

“Tiny Nation” by Ill Clan, Kerria Seabrooke, Creative Director
Available at:

“Helena” and other films by JayDee
Watch videos on the site:

“Stolen Life” by Jackie Turnure (2007)
Available on Youtube:

“In for a Penny” Series and other movies by Selserene (2006)
Available on Youtube:

“Adventures In Dating” by Decorgal –
Trailer for the series on Youtube:

Chronicles of Humanity : Descent – Episode 1 – Titan: by Damien Valentine
On its own site:

“Vox Populi Terra Pax” by Tari Akpodiete

“Precious Blood” by Legs
Wired article and film at:

Student project in Second Life.

“Snow Witch Story” by Britannicadreams (2006) Michelle Petit-Mee, Director
Available at:

“Mermaid’s Dream” by Britannicadreams (2006) Michelle
Available at:

“Gabriel” by SmoothMoveFilms (2008)
Available on Youtube:

“Oh No You Didn’t!” Halo 3 Machinima/Music Video
Available on Youtube:

“Love the Whole World” in Halo 3
Available on Youtube:

“The Ballad of the Noob,” by Jun Falkenstein, Stone Falcon
Available on the site:

“From Yesterday,” by JayDee
Available on the site:

“Red vs. Blue” – 1, by Rooster Teeth
Available on Youtube:

Tom Jantol – Watch!
1) and
2) this interview
3) this essay by the maker on Shooting Dialogue – seems simple for those of you who have studied film, but if you have not, it is good; if you have, it should serve as a nice reminder of the importance of certain cinematographic approaches in machinima, esp the extreme closeup use.

Etienne Delacroix and corporal theatre
-Grammar of the arms

-actions of politeness

-glass of water

-le toucher,

contemp. corporal theatre – witches