Kicking off our new NSF Project

The Tiltfactor team got wind of a grant proposal being approved during GenCon last month, and last week we had our first brainstorming session on different types of games ideas we’re considering.

The goal is to explore the issues and the interpretation of gender, stereotype, and implicit bias. We will be working with middle school-aged girls around the country, thanks to Karen Peterson in association with the National Girls Collaborative Project, a group whose projects involve over 5 million girls. Belinda Gutierrez, a doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, also joined us in our meeting and helped us bounce around ideas. And a big uberthanks to Dr. Jolene Jesse from the National Science Foundation for taking part in our kickoff meeting and being so supportive of our ideas!

Honestly, the excitement was buzzing in the room, and there will be more info about this project as the ideas begin to take on a more concrete form, but I just wanted you tiltheads to get an idea of the kinda stuff we’re working on.

I never thought I would be so excited to go to a meeting!

Our goal right now is to create a game prototype every 2-3 weeks, and we hope for 3 new POX: SAVE THE PEOPLE-level finished games by the next GenCon.

Play hard, work harder! Glorious!