Grow A Game Cards Selling Like Delicious Cupcakes!

That’s right, since we started selling our Grow A Game cards, folks have been buying them like they were frosted home cooking. Educators, designers, seasoned pros and novices have all found how fun and useful the card deck can be. At all the conferences where we put on workshops, particiapants ask for decks, and to satisfy demand we’re now offering the cards right from on the VAP site. You can go here and get your own set.

We’re working hard to develop new iterations of the cards as part of our Values At Play research program. If you’d like to participate formally by using the cards in our study let us know. If not, we’d still love to know how you’re using the cards and what your thoughts about them are! Check back soon for news about the new playing decks we’re developing for teenagers, children, and more.

Tiltfactor Lab will be releasing its first digital game soon. Proft Seed is a ludic critique of GMO food, and was developed using the Values At Play methodology and tools like the Grow A Game Cards. Check the Tiltfactor site soon for an update!<