GenCon’s A-Comin’!

And we’re oh-so excited. Gen-Con: Release your inner gamer! August 4-7, in Indianapolis. As someone new to the Tiltfactor team, I feel such enthusiasm in the lab during game-play testing that I swear it’s contagious. Gladly, no vaccine for enthusiasm is necessary. Speaking of things being contagious, POX: SAVE THE PEOPLE’s popularity had us itching to ship in some more copies of the game, and now that they’ve arrived, I get feverish just looking at the sleek, sweet packaging! Okay, okay, no more pox puns.

Come meet us all at our Gen-Con Booth. We will have Grow-a-Game as well as our Giant POX: SAVE THE PEOPLE, Normal POX: SAVE THE PEOPLE, and a massively cool new SECRET game we’re testing on-site!

Our lab director Mary Flanagan, who is channeling Gary Gygax for the event, will also be at the booth with us! So if no one’s answering email, it’s because we are off playing games! See you there!