You’ve receive a series of odd letters and photographs from your old friend Delilah, who tells you an odd tale from her days as a young reporter. When she investigated the appearance of an mysterious ship in the landlocked woods near a small town called Woodhaven, she discovered a mystery far stranger than she could have imagined. Learn more about your friend’s investigation by reading her letters and reconstructing her old photographs.


Game Contents:

  • 4 50-piece Jigsaw Puzzles
  • 5 Narrative Letters
  • Game Instructions
  • Executive Producer: Mary Flanagan
  • Game Design: Lindsay Kusnarowis
  • Additional Game Design: Max Seidman
  • Writing: Lindsay Kusnarowis
  • Artist: Alannah Linkhorn
  • Playtesting: Lindsay Kusnarowis
  • Additional Contribution: Nicole Sellew