Dark Secrets

Go on a virtual reality tour around the campus of Dartmouth College to learn about the funny, dark, and weird things about Dartmouth that the administration doesn’t want you to know—from book burning and “horning” to grave robbing and murder!

Players use a virtual reality headset, headphones, and a pair of controllers to explore and interact with a virtual version of campus while collecting mementos of the strange stories they discover.

This game was originally created as an augmented reality app for smartphones to be played while walking around Dartmouth’s real campus.

  • Executive Producer: Mary Flanagan
  • Game Design: Max Seidman, Lindsay Kusnarowis
  • Additional Game Design: Elinor Dooley
  • Research: Lindsay Kusnarowis, Khevna Joshi
  • Additional Research: Amanda Herz
  • Lead 3D Art: Nick Feffer
  • Additional 3D Art: Spring Yu, Rachel Hand, Lindsay Kusnarowis, Nicole Sellew
  • 2D Art: Alannah Linkhorn
  • Character Art: Alannah Linkhorn
  • UI Design: Spring Yu
  • UX Design: Spring Yu
  • Playtesting: Khevna Joshi