The Source

It’s 1854 and a mysterious epidemic is sweeping through London Town. Only you know the crucial detail: the contaminant is in the water. Work together with your team to find the source well and shut down the pump before it’s too late…

The Source is a cooperative reasoning game for 4 to 8 players based on real events that is built to emphasize group deduction and communication abilities. Unlike traditional card games, The Source gets you and friends moving and turns the entire room into your playspace. It works great as an icebreaker at events or parties, and is suitable for most ages and all gaming abilities.

The Source is a 15 minute game for ages 12 and up.

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  • Executive Producer: Mary Flanagan
  • Game Design: Max Seidman and Anna Lotko
  • Art Direction: Ed Flanagan and Alannah Linkhorn