…a flexible, impromptu, waterproof, mobile public venue to show off local ideas and innovations. Dartmouth’s PLAYCUBE is home for experimental new media work, unique performances, design charrettes, and demos by students, faculty, and visitors.

Our unusual exhibition space is flexible, multi-purpose, portable, and used by those from multiple disciplines and schools across campus for myriad functions: guest lecturer events, design studios, student installations, video art, performance, and much more.

PLAYCUBE is home to:

• impromptu workshops with guest speakers, designers, and artists
• robotics competitions
• new media sculptures and installations
• 24 hour game-creating “jams”
• architecture and product design charrettes
• engineering and product design experiments
• virtual community exhibitions
• educational activities involving the community and computer games
• game design brainstorming sessions
• programming competitions
• campus-wide drawing events
• digital architecture exhibits
• marathon play sessions and competitions
• informational talks and video conferencing
• medical school showcases of emerging technology
• sound and video installations.
• visiting artist meetings
• other events that highlight Dartmouth’s “wired” and innovative nature



PLAYCUBE as a play research studio


PLAYCUBE as design studio

  • Design: Mary Flanagan, Anna Lotko, Zara Downs


Created with the support of the Leslie Center for the Humanities and the Neukom Institute, Dartmouth College