Announcing Buffalo Gen Con!

Members of the Tiltfactor team are heading to Gen Con (August 15-18th in Indianapolis) next week to run a booth featuring our games! This year, our booth will have even more gaming fun! In addition to unveiling two card games at the convention, we’re bringing back big Buffalo, our favorite name dropping card game, with a twist. JOIN THE CONTEST AND WIN PRIZES!

Here’s how to play:

1. Follow our Twitter or Facebook to find out the latest pair of big Buffalo cards we’ve released. We’re going to tweet out a new pair at noon and 3:00PM everyday!
2. Bring a person who matches the description on both cards to the booth. If you’re the first to complete the challenge, then you both WIN AMAZON GIFT CARDS!

It’s that simple! Follow us on Twitter or Facebook, find people, and win! We can’t wait to play games with you at booth 152!

Twitter: @tiltfactor