Tiltfactor Launches Online Adventure Game, Crowded Dungeon

We are excited to launch our online adventure game, Crowded Dungeon!

Designed by Tiltfactor with development by Producto Studios, Crowded Dungeon at first seems like a traditional ‘dungeon crawl’-style game. The player directs a hero through many rooms of a very crowded dungeon, frequently encountering monsters that bar her way. Unlike traditional games, instead of fighting the monsters, players must talk their way past them; you’ll need to figure out what each monster wants, and figure out what you can type to convince them to let you pass.


Unlike other text-based adventure games, which rely on a finite number of pre-scripted responses to specific phrases, players in Crowded Dungeon can type anything and receive a response. The game is freeform and dynamic; it uses a crowdsourcing process to collect monster responses and then provide the hero with a seemingly infinite number of options for getting through the dungeon.

Play as either the Hero or one of the Gatekeepers. Crowded Dungeon doesn’t take a lot of time to play, so give it a try! crowdeddungeon.com