The Enchanter

Join Gertie on her first day on the job as the Royal Enchanter! But being the Royal Enchanter is no easy task. As Gertie, you will need to make different kinds of potions by collecting and combining ingredients, dealing with castle staff, and ignoring the annoying narrator. Help Gertie get recognized for her potion making skills in this point-and-click adventure!



  • Executive Producer: Mary Flanagan
  • Game Design: Max Seidman, Lindsay Kusnarowis, Elinor Dooley
  • Research: Amanda Herz, Lindsay Kusnarowis
  • Additional Research: Sunny Drescher
  • Tech Direction: Jaki Kimball
  • Programming: Amanda Herz, Jaki Kimball, Jiachen Jiang
  • UI Design: Julia Holgado, Spring Yu
  • Art: Spring Yu
  • Additional Art: Ruba Iqbal
  • Writing: Andrea Sedlacek, Ruba Iqbal, Jiachen Jiang, Lindsay Kusnarowis
  • Additional Writing: Julia Holgado
  • Editing: Lindsay Kusnarowis
  • Prototyping: Lui Chen