Closed Circuit


On September 16th at 1:21:19am the internal security system of Southnorthern University’s Tritton building went down for 3 minutes.  Because of the biohazardous nature of the samples in Henderson Lab, the FBI was immediately notified of the failure, and made it to the scene at approximately 1:34am. As feared, when the power was restored to the security system and it came back online, one of the high-risk samples was missing from the Henderson Lab and is presumed stolen.

In Closed Circuit, it is up to you to review the security footage and other documents, to piece together what happened during the night when the sample went missing, and find the culprit.

Closed Circuit was initially prototyped as a paper-based puzzle game called The Investigation.

  • Executive Producer: Mary Flanagan
  • Game Design: Max Seidman
  • Graphic Design: Spring Yu
  • UI Design: Spring Yu
  • Videography: Amanda Herz, Zuff Idries
  • Prototyping: Amanda Herz
  • Acting: Nicole Sellew

Tabletop Prototype Credits:

  • Executive Producer: Mary Flanagan
  • Game Design: Max Seidman, Gili Freedman
  • Research: Gili Freedman
  • Additional Research: Ruba Iqbal, Jaki Kimball, Max Seidman, Andrea Sedlacek
  • Writing: Jaki Kimball
  • Prototyping: Jaki Kimball
  • Playtesting: Ruba Iqbal