Do you have a green thumb? Test your skills as the victor of vines by typing the words shown on the screen, and grow your beanstalk from a tiny tendril to massive cloudscraper in this calming, zen-like typing game.

Beanstalk is a quick and easy browser game that asks players to type the word they are shown on the screen. The more words players type correctly, the faster the beanstalk grows. Get to the top of the “High Score” leaderboard by correctly transcribing the most words, and declare yourself the victor of vines!

  • Executive Producer: Mary Flanagan
  • Producer: Max Seidman
  • Game Design: Mary Flanagan, Max Seidman, Perrin Brown
  • Programming, Art, and Audio: Studio Pepwuper
  • Backend Development: Jesus Moreno
  • Technical Manager and Audio Direction: Sukidth Punjasthitkul
  • Additional Development, Prototyping, and Data Algorithms: Gareth Solbeck, Jesus Moreno, Max Seidman
  • Beanstalk Art: Ed Flanagan
  • Videography: Shivang Sethi
  • Infographics: Savannah Lui
  • Additional Work: Danielle Taylor, Geoff Kaufman, Will Rossi, Noah Strauss-Jenkins
  • Collaborators: Created in partnership with the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Biodiversity Heritage Library, Harvard University, Cornell University, and the New York Botanical Garden as part of the Purposeful Gaming and BHL project.  This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).



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