The word "design" comes from the German "da", meaning there, and "sein", which means being. So design is simply the way of "there-being" that all humans have. We see it more as an activity now, the steps that one can make toward improving or strengthening the...

The blog Bruce On Games has a recent post dealing with that perennially popular topic: violence and video games. Bruce makes the claim that “established old media have vastly more shocking content than video games. This is an irrefutable fact.” He then supports this by using an online service that lets users search for particular words in the Bible. He found that the King James version has “harlot” in it 48 times, “sodomite” 5 times, “fornicator” 5 times, “smite” 133 times, “kill” 208 times and “maim” 7 times. This proves, I suppose he’s saying, that the Bible is more violent than (or at least as violent as) any videogame. His conclusion is that all media should be age rated based on the same standards.
Though I know we’ve said it before, I don’t think it can be said enough: the Values at Play project is NOT about creating boring goodie-two-shoes games. We talk a lot about social values, and appealing to diverse communities, and promoting a more just, equitable society, but that doesn’t mean we’re condemming violent videogames or controversy. I'm actually quite fond of controversy and enjoy well done violent games.
A couple weeks ago, the New York Times published an article detailing how some Christian churches are using Halo 3 as a prostelization tool. It was a good article, despite being at least two years behind the story, and failing to recognize the enormous conspiracy behind Halo youth groups.