Electoral Politics

Infovore has an interesting essay about what our gamer-politicians of the future may be like, or at least what they may have learned from their experiences as players. Some of it is pretty grim, like learning about resource scarcity by playing survival horror games (ah,...

UPDATE: Joe DeLappe of Dead in Iraq fame has produced a website for America's Diplomat, the America's Army replacement. Check it out here: America's Diplomat

Yesterday, thousands of New Yorkers received a morning jolt before even having their first sip of coffee. Volunteers around the city handed out free copies of a Special Edition New York Times that announced the Iraq War was over, a maximum wage law was passed, new federal spending would spread bike lanes across the nation, and dozens of other liberal fantasies. And, for the moral gamers out there, one headline read, "Popular “America’s Army” Video Game, Recruiting Tool Cancelled." There's even a fake NYT website to accompany the paper. You can go here and read the article, or in case the site's owners receive a cease and desist order, we'll reprint the article in full.

WASHINGTON — The Department of Defense announced yesterday the cancellation of its highly successful and popular “America’s Army” online game and recruitment tool. The program has already been converted into a new game, operated by the State Department, entitled “America’s Diplomat.” State Department spokesperson Donald Demsfold called this “a pretty good step towards nurturing a generation committed to the principles of diplomacy and peaceful negotiation.”

2democrat.jpg With the 2008 elections fast approaching, as with every election, the faults of our political system are ever the more apparent. The Redistricting Game, courtesy of the University of Southern California EA Game Innovation Lab, looks at the shifty yet common practice of gerrrymandering.